MK New Town Heritage Register

MK New Town Heritage Register

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Milton Keynes is the last, largest and most ambitious of all the settlements to be created under the 1946 New Towns Act. The combination of its scale, distinctive grid layout and architectural, landscape driven design will never be seen again in this country. The first twenty-five years of its life reflects not only the changing fashions of post war and late twentieth century architecture, planning and art, but it tells the story of the changing economic, political and social circumstances of the UK through the period.

Over 240 new town era places have been nominated by the public to Milton Keynes City Council (MKCC) as having local heritage significance in a previous consultation. For each nomination a research pack using archives and other information has been created to inform a selection panel which will be considering the nominations and representations during July, September and October this year. The panel is made up of local and national experts and stakeholders. It makes recommendations which will inform a decision by MKCC.

More information on the MK New Town Heritage Register can be found here.

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